Motivation Time

2 + 2 = 5 ?

Using Social Media

Ok, so this whole social media crazy is something right?  Seems like everyone is either on Facebook or Twitter.  My towing dude Justin is slow to the party.  I've been trying to tell him to get his tow trucks on facebook and pick up some more business.  But he's dragging his feet.  He'll learn eventually. (more…)

Been Awhile My Friends

Back again...sorry folks its been a long ass time since i've posted. Been out there working through the motivation to kick as booty. I usually get to see and watch a lot of Gary Vee's videos, but he's been producing so many inspirational things that I haven't been able to keep up. He is pushing about a video a day....crazy! Be sure to check out his line of sweet videos on his youtube channel.  My boy Justin the owner of the Akron Towing Company said that he's been watching some of it and has helped him too.  He's going to be a Cardone/Gary Vee convert!. (more…)

About Gary Vee

So in my quest to find good blogs and good videos I ran across this guy named Gary Vaynerchuk (Pronounced Vee Ner Chuck). He is a big time entrepreneur and self made millionaire. He has his own YouTube channel and publishes videos all the time. He's a no BS type of guy and tells it like it is. Very good stuff!  You can find him if you just google his name. (more…)

Cardone Strikes Again

Yo yo yo yo...whats cooking.  Ok, so i'm watching some videos of Grant Cardone on Youtube today and came across this clip of "Job Interview Gone Terrible"  Wow it is great!  I started to tell my buddy Justin (he owns his own company in Akron - Akron Towing) about him and how to be prepared for any questions a customer might ask. (more…)


Hi everyone, decided to start this lovely blog here on the dub step.  I think that one of the most important factors of being successful begins and ends with motivation.  This blog will provide different resources, videos, how-to's, and different leaders that deal with motivation.  One that I will constantly be talking about is Grant Cardone. The dude is a straight up baller in every sense of the word.  He gets things done, creates new businesses, is a master salesman, and a legit millionaire.  That is something I would strive to be someday.  Maybe sooner than later. (more…)